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Video Auditions


The Laboratory Theater Florida, in conjunction with MojoWorks Productions, is currently accepting video auditions for the upcoming vampire movie, Blood and Flame. Please refer to the character descriptions below. We are rehearsing via Zoom starting 9/26, meeting in person tentatively on 10/10, and filming 11/1-11/15. If offered a role in this production, you will be required to follow a pandemic protocol, and sign a contract rider to this effect, to ensure the safety of the cast and crew involved in this project. This rider must be submitted with your acceptance. No parts are considered cast until the signed rider is returned to the production office. This is a paid project. Please send your resume, headshot, and a 60 to 90-second audition video to [email protected] by September 11th. As some roles are physical, your audition video should include a dramatic monologue and show full-body movement All roles are unrestricted except where specifically noted. We believe in color-conscious and gender-conscious casting and encourage everyone to audition.

David White male, 20-30. Prefer over 6’. No dialogue, physical presence important. Stage combat.

Eric Male, 25-35, rugged.

Otto 25-40 Male, 25-40, otherwise unrestricted. Stage combat.

Allen Male, 20-35, otherwise unrestricted. Stage combat.

Billie Jean Female, curvy, 18-32, Preferably over 5’6” and biracial. Mysterious, athletic. Little dialogue. Stage combat experience preferred.

Neville's Wife White Female, 25-35.

Midwife White Female, 40 -60, otherwise unrestricted

Drunken Stranger Male, unrestricted.

Mark Male, unrestricted.

Mercy Female, unrestricted.

Prince Bloodslave White Female, 20-30.

Blood slaves for Neville 1 & 2 17-30, otherwise unrestricted

Victims Unrestricted, no lines