The Plague


By Albert Camus, adapted for the stage by Louise Wigglesworth

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Performance DATES May 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20 (mat), 24, 25, 26

8pm show

By Albert Camus, adapted for the stage by Louise Wigglesworth

A haunting tale of human resilience in the face of unrelieved horror, Camus' story about a mysterious plague ravaging the people of a small city in the 1940’s, is a classic of twentieth-century literature which remains strikingly current. Set in Algeria, The Plague is a powerful study of human life and its meaning in the face of irrational and uncontrollable events. Each citizen responds in his own way to the lethal condition: some resign themselves to fate, some seek blame, and a few, like Dr. Bernard Rieux, abandon personal comfort to dedicate themselves to the common good.  It’s a story of bravery and determination against the precariousness of human existence that leaves us with hope in the innate goodness of humanity.


       My thanks to the Lab Theater of Florida for giving our

local community the world premiere production of a live stage

performance of Albert Camus' "The Plague."

       I have been attending regional theater productions in

various parts of the country from more years than I care

to admit, and I don't recall when I was better rewarded

than by last month's performance of "The Plague."

       I think theater is at its best when it challenges us to think,

feel, and reflect on concepts as valuable as the good in humanity

and the bond we all share as part of it. "The Plague," with its

delightfully diverse cast and simple set, did this for me.

       The Lab Theater of Florida deserves all the

encouragement we can give it to keep putting together

such rich evenings of theater for our community.

Elisabeth Schuhmann

Fort Myers